Gas & Electric Utilities

The following Gas and Electric Companies provide service to the Town of Saxis community. Please contact them directly for assistance in obtaining these services for your home.

  • All electrical serviced is provided to Saxis by A&N Electric Cooperative in Onley, VA.  They can be reached at 757-787-9450.
  • There are no automobile filling stations or EV charging stations located in Saxis.  Saxis is approximately 13 miles from the closest fuel station or charging station so please prepare your vehicle for the round trip before you take a trip to our island.
  • For boaters there are no facilities to purchase fuel in town or at the down dock, therefore keep this in mind when traveling to Saxis on your boat.
  • Home heating fuel and gas is provided by several local petroleum companies.  See the list of providers on the New Resident Resources Page.
  • There is no natural gas hook up available on Saxis Island.